Today we presenting some most useful Adobe Air Applications, one of the most appreciated application platform, it has become a very much popular platform for internet-enabled desktop applications.

This application (Adobe Air) with rich features helping for web designers and developers too, even web developers are able to build application using HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, Flex and famous tool Adobe Flash.

AOL Top 100 Videos

Everyone likes listening to music.  This Adobe AIR desktop widget offers a simple to use way to watch music videos through AOL.  The videos are categorized by ranking and genre.



GeeMail is an Adobe AIR desktop widget that connects to GMail.  Configuring POP or IMAP is not necessary to get online.  And if you send an e-mail without being connected to the web, GeeMail will automatically send it after an Internet connection is detected.


Color Browser

Store and manage sets of color palettes with colorbrowser. Open or drag and drop ASE files from Kuler or ColourLovers into colorbrowser to add the color palettes to your collection.


Wikipedia Desktop Widget





AlertThingy is an Adobe AIR widget that can send Tweets and update Facebook statuses.  AlertThingy can also upload pictures to Flickr and update Tumblr blogs.  If you use business social tools such as Yammer, Basecamp, or Huddle, AlertThingy will also work for you.  AlertThingy also works as an RSS reader.


Flickr Desktop Search

Flickr Desktop Search is an Adobe AIR based utility which helps you to search Flickr images right from your desktop. The application is very easy and simple to use and basically has three tabs, one is for photo search, second one for groups and the last one for people. All you need is to enter the keyword and select the appropriate tab and click the search button.



DiggTop is an application for Windows and MacOSX that lets you view a blended list of your favourite Digg topic or keyword feeds. In addition to the full Digg submission information, it will also display a slideshow of images it can scrape from the linked article.

View video submissions from your favourite Digg video categories, and preview some videos right in the application. You can also set up keyword and Digg count filters that will notify you with a sound and icon when new stories match your criteria.



So, you work at a big corporate, huh?
And you’re not allowed to use Twitter…
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a Twitter tool that looked just like Excel?
Welcome to Spreadtweet.


NASDAQ Market Replay

NASDAQ Market Replay is a powerful replay and analysis tool of consolidated order book and trade data for NASDAQ-, NYSE- and Amex-listed securities.


kuler desktop

New! Import kuler themes directly into Creative Suite 3 Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Select Save Theme menu to learn more. Color inspiration. Browse and search color themes from kuler (, an online application to create and share color harmonies.

View RSS feeds of Highest Rated, Most Popular, Newest, and Randomly Selected themes. Drag and drop themes as transparent “tear offs,” to scale and view over any application.


Random Patter

Easy app that renders paterns based on given parameters. Rendered image can be used as a base of a mosaic. Preset parameters can be saved and loaded (in xml file format) and output image can be saved as SVG document.



Contrast-A allows users to interact with a 3-dimensional RGB color space, experiment with color combinations, check the contrast according to both WCAG 2.0 and 1.0 and see the results for different types of color deficiency. Custom color palettes can be created, printed and saved as Pdf to the user’s desktop.



DeskTube is an Adobe AIR application that is conducive for using YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  DeskTube has 4 way video chat, playlist editing, the ability to search/view/upload videos, and post/view comments.

DeskTube also allows you to update tweets and Facebook statuses.  Video recording is compatible with DeskTube.



EarthBrowser is an innovative earth simulation that combines an easy to navigate 3 dimensional globe with real-time weather conditions and 7 day forecasts for thousands of locations. Live earthquakes, satellites, webcams, volcanoes and current cloud animations are also featured. Great educational tool, a must have for avid weather watchers!



TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more.

TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.


Flickr Flipper

Flickr Flipper allows you to search for Flickr photos and also search for photos from specific Flickr users. It uses Papervision to display the photos one at a time and even allows you to download the photo to your computer. Currently it only returns up to 100 photos of your search.




This is an easy and fun to use sketching tool with a chalkboard interface. Pick up chalk from the tray, press and drag on the board to draw. Line thickness and transparency are set with the controls in the lower left corner of the board.

Board can be stretched by grabbing and dragging the frame corners. It can also be “maximized” to fill your computer screen, giving you lots of room to draw.


StudioCloud 3.0 – Free Business Software

StudioCloud is free business management software that provides an integrated system including Client Management, Scheduling, Point-of-Sale, Bookkeeping, Reporting, Marketing Campaigns, Project/Event Management and much more!


Font Picker


BetaDesigns Caliper

The Calilper floats above other applications on screen and can be used to measure anything on your monitor.
Possible Usages

* Web Designers : Layout Measurements.
* Graphic Designers : Photo and Illustration Measurements.
* CAD Engineers : Measuring Architectural Drawings.



ImageSizer is an application built to resize, rotate, optimize and rename a batch of images, outputting them as a single compressed zip file – perfect if you want to e-mail a load of images off your digital camera, or a folder of images – just drag, drop, fiddle with settings and press ‘Compress your images’.

Once the files are processed, you can simply drag and drop again to export all of your images as a compressed zip archive or a folder on your hard drive.



JustResizeIt! introduces a brand new way of resizing images – just drag and drop them!

1. Drag and drop one or more images,
2. wait a few seconds, and
3. drag and drop resized images into an e-mail, an office document, or a folder

You can create widgets that define how the images will be resized (for sending in e-mail, using in a document, upload into a web gallery) Also, you can have a customized JustResizeIt! to your company’s Corporate Identity and redistribute it – a great advertisement!



What if there’s a nice picture on a website you passing by? Save it, go to the folder, watch it and then close and hope you’ll find it again? There’s a better way to look at your favorite pics every time as long as you become sick of it ;)
Just drag the image out of every browser to the PhotoTable Icon and it shows up on your screen, always in top, on- and offline. You can collect them on your screen, drag them, show/hide all at once and of course delete them one by one or even all at once. Bring them to front or back, change your PhotoTable Icon or copy the link of the picture was assigned to. You also can drag files from your os to the screen by dragging them to the PhotoTable Icon without losing the original image when deleting them from screen.  Available languages are english and german. Have fun! ;)


Icon Generator

Icon Generator is a little application that lets you generate a CS3 or Web 2.0 style icon, only 3 step. Pick color, type characters, and save it. Just create 4 different sizes of the icon.


Xe-IMG Image Editor V3

- Import .jpg .png .gif .swf and URL-extern Photos supported – Zoom Photo, Mask Image supported – Filters Sharpen, Enhance, Embossing supported – RGB Color settings, Alpha transparent supported – Set Backgroundcolor, Statusbar, Info…


Splashup Light – Photo Editor

Splashup Light is an image editor tailored for those that want to enhance, beautify, or merely play with their photos. Effects include Levels, Contrast/Brightness, Hue Saturation, Text Editing and Shapes and much more. Splashup Light is ideal for those using Tablet PCs and other Portable Computers, but many find it just as suitable for everyday use on their desktops.


Google Calendar Invoice Creator

This application reads an RSS feed from your Google Calendar in which every created appointment the number of hours worked for a project represents. Based on the title it filters the appointments, calculates the total of hours and creates your invoice in html or text version. Obviously you need a Google account to use this application.



Jigsawlite enables you to make your own digital photo into your original jigsaw puzzle game easily-playable on your desktop, by only a single file-drag-and-drop action.


Ora Time and Expense

Ora Time and Expense is a small easy-to-use application for tracking and generating timesheets, expense reports, and invoices. Use the task timer for tracking time sheet activities. Use your webcam to scan expense receipts, which automatically attach to expense reports. Customizable report templates generate time sheets, expense reports, and invoices for you to submit in HTML, Excel, CSV, or XML. Adobe® AIR™ Developer Derby Best Business HTML Application winner. Updated to AIR 1.5.1



Provides basic functionality of the Flex Builder Design View.



Livebrush is a unique motion-based drawing tool. Use the power of motion to toss graphics around the screen or elegantly swing the brush around your cursor.  Over 100 styles and decorations.
Export lines you draw as vector files for use in other graphics applications.
Easily modify or create your styles while learning each setting using the convenient style preview.
Developers can also use Actionscript to dynamically control or augment brush movements.