Free CSS3 and jQuery Animated Loading Bars

JavaScript & jQuery might not be supporting older browsers while the latest browsers are linked with complete support of the duo. Here you can unfold multiple animated loading bars which associates you with jQuery & CSS3 as well. Apart another amazing & outstanding collection of CSS3 &

Free HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Cheat Sheets

During my navigation process I confront with more than dozen and all HTML5, jQuery & CSS3 cheat sheets are free. A website designer is bound to use HTML5 at the huge level while designing as this can be employed to create various factors such as web design,

Web Design Showcase with Scalable Vector Graphic Examples

SVG is a resolution that is independent, making it perfect for rendering cross platform user interaction elements, animations and applications where every element requires to be approachable through the DOM. So see the below Web Design Showcase with Scalable Vector Graphic Examples.

Polygon Graphics have importance in future designs – Research Work

Polygonal graphics generally see several brilliant examples of its use and learn how to create those little chefs d'oeuvres yourself. Who knows, maybe you even better deal experts whose works are offered. A polygon is actually a group of lines placed the way, except for the first

Download Free Prestashop Store Themes

Enjoy Free Prestashop Themes with multiple attractive, cool features for download. Download Prestashop Store Themes as these are free, an open-source e-commerce platform. With this amazing tool one can create, launch and handle an online store without having much coding either programming knowledge. If you are in the

SVG vs Images – Exclusive Comparison for Modern Web Designs

SVG images without losing image quality of almost any size are smaller in size and scale. . SVG files that some software programs are: Adobe Illustrator, CORELDRAW, Inkscape and Serif DrawPlus. There are some online. Editors SVG editing Google. Icons font’s vs SVG: Why and how

3 Reasons Why People Buy Computer

Are you planning to buy a new computer this moment, do you know which computer is your need? There are different styles of computers to choose from, that will be the best choice for specific situations? Knowing the performance of computer what you ought to try to

40 Eye Catching Examples of Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, which captures images with elongated fields of view (in the form of photograph). An image showing a field of view of approximation, or greater than, that of the human eye - about 160 ° by 75° - may be termed

The 12 Best WordPress Premium Themes for May 2014

Developer design issues, comes with latest WordPress Premium Themes for May 2014. Number of new issues have released as flat design, portfolio design, magazines, videos, music, business and design. We always find things useful for our readers to try. Today we have selected some of the best

Inspiring Happy Birthday Wallpapers

Are you planning to include some of the Inspiring Happy Birthday Wallpapers / wishes to desired gift tags or might be on your birthday cards? Yes, one can provide them the most expensive birthday gifts and outstanding fancy flower bouquets rather an attractive, soul-warming, birthday wishes, which

15 Fresh Designer Stuff of June 2014

Designers and developers that once we have chosen to look after sharing some good things for the new month's time. This time we RF High Resolution Photos, Photoshop CS6 workspace site to help restore the numbers in the date and time, source, icons, and payment options that

Helping Free jQuery Modal Plugins

The modal window has ability to get the full attention of visitors, their other content least in the middle of the page that opens. One doe’s great hard work for website optimization. Below is some hassle free manner on your account to help get a modal window.

Great Casino Themed Wallpapers

Stylish casino-themed wallpapers are an ideal choice for the player who loves the thrill and big winnings that their favorite wagering games can bring. We all love the bright, vibrant colours of the slots, the classic, sophisticated black and red on the roulette wheel and the glitzy

CSS vs Sass vs SCSS – Beginner Guide for Web Designers

You may have heard of pre-processing of CSS and wonder what all the buzz is about. You may have even heard of Sass or LESS. In summary, the pre-processing CSS allows you to write concise style sheets that are formatted well and require less repetitive techniques that

Inspiring Download Free Photoshop Bokeh Brushes

Brushes are the way that can give users some serious time when there is matter of adding flourishes in the design; here we have assorted favorite Free Photoshop Bokeh Brushes. Photoshop brushes are the best time savers as they permit users to manage a rich network without