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SVG vs Images – Exclusive Comparison for Modern Web Designs

SVG images without losing image quality of almost any size are smaller in size and scale. . SVG files that some software programs are: Adobe Illustrator, CORELDRAW, Inkscape and Serif DrawPlus. There are some online. Editors SVG editing Google. Icons font’s vs SVG: Why and how

The 12 Best WordPress Premium Themes for May 2014

Developer design issues, comes with latest WordPress Premium Themes for May 2014. Number of new issues have released as flat design, portfolio design, magazines, videos, music, business and design. We always find things useful for our readers to try. Today we have selected some of the best

Inspiring Happy Birthday Wallpapers

Are you planning to include some of the Inspiring Happy Birthday Wallpapers / wishes to desired gift tags or might be on your birthday cards? Yes, one can provide them the most expensive birthday gifts and outstanding fancy flower bouquets rather an attractive, soul-warming, birthday wishes, which

15 Fresh Designer Stuff of June 2014

Designers and developers that once we have chosen to look after sharing some good things for the new month's time. This time we RF High Resolution Photos, Photoshop CS6 workspace site to help restore the numbers in the date and time, source, icons, and payment options that

Helping Free jQuery Modal Plugins

The modal window has ability to get the full attention of visitors, their other content least in the middle of the page that opens. One doe’s great hard work for website optimization. Below is some hassle free manner on your account to help get a modal window.

CSS vs Sass vs SCSS – Beginner Guide for Web Designers

You may have heard of pre-processing of CSS and wonder what all the buzz is about. You may have even heard of Sass or LESS. In summary, the pre-processing CSS allows you to write concise style sheets that are formatted well and require less repetitive techniques that

Inspiring Download Free Photoshop Bokeh Brushes

Brushes are the way that can give users some serious time when there is matter of adding flourishes in the design; here we have assorted favorite Free Photoshop Bokeh Brushes. Photoshop brushes are the best time savers as they permit users to manage a rich network without

Amazing Free jQuery Modal, Popup and Lightbox Plugins

Free jQuery Modal, Popup and Lightbox Plugins are very much attractive, useful explores inspiring techniques that are simple to deploy in many ways like to show up the login or sign up of email boxes in an exclusive & attractive way. Normally, this modal window opens

12 Ultimate Free HTML5 and CSS3 Checkout Forms

Web developers create a stylish and modern website the first thing that needs to be consider is HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 for web designers have a major problem is due to the functionality and features. With this in mind, some professional templates HTML5 and CSS3

Helping Free Online Resume Maker Tools

A formal one or two page document that lists work experience of an applicant for employment, education and skills is known as a resume. A resume is designed to provide a detailed summary of the qualifications of a candidate for a particular job - is not usually

Freebies – 10 Free Customize Email Marketing Plugins WordPress

Email selling is the oldest type. Broadly, email selling involves specialized custom emails to get leads, promote a proposal, serve targeted advertisements or initiate deals. Email selling will increase your brand’s radius, permitting the seller to make sturdy whole worth around your product. However, most marketers create

Raise Your Business Using Business Card Services

Every entrepreneur has a desire to transform the business from dark to bright and in this sense it takes many techniques. Because the general fact that every business owner wants to get rich overnight, but it is not possible in the flow of "cards" business has its