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Freebies – 35 Awe-inspiring Print Mockup Design Examples

A mockup or simulation may be a model that helps people for digital representation, because it would look the planning of a project (Stationery, Cards, Applications brand, Souvenirs, Poster, Flyers, Banners, etc.) within the real world. Mockup may be a model of style want to demonstrate or upgrade

50 Creative single fold business cards

Making a great business card with right impression is really crucial. People need business cards for business promotion. Literally one can experience millions of options for paper stock, color, typography, and professionals can be very daunting to the novice. However, it is difficult to decide what direction

Inspirational Websites of the Week 29th March 2014

Do you want to know the latest website trends? Or need to know which designs are being adopted by the companies in last week session? Don’t be curious anymore because we will disclose this picture and make your spring memorable by introducing the Inspirational Websites of the

The Best WordPress Wedding Themes & Templates 2014

The Wedding is a very happy moment of every person which he likes to enjoy a lot. At the present time, the trend of sharing the memorable moment of the weddings is going to be increased at every moment passing. You know the WordPress is best web

Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Extensions / Plugins

The Ultimate Collection of Photoshop Extensions is provided to you in this elite piece of writing which all are up to date and very useful. Make use of these Photoshop extensions in order to get the helpful aid in the making of your valuable design project. It is

Freebies – 25 Free Prestashop Themes easy to implement

You can download free Prestashop themes and employ it in your own store and this is always appreciated for the users. The entire provided theme are available free of cost. Moreover you will be facilitated with some amazing discount.

The Industry’s Favorite Code-Free Web Design Platform, Webydo

Most designers work by the motto that the “client is always right” and do everything in order to make sure they are kept happy. But it’s not always the easiest task to make the client happy, especially when you are not well equipped in the coding department.

Freebies – 30 Free Responsive Email Templates for Small Business

The business activities these days have become very complex and that’s why the effective business correspondence is the demand of the day. In this context, I would like to give you a collection of the 30 Free Responsive Email Templates for Small Business in this article. The world

Why Shouldn’t use Multipurpose WordPress Themes

Wordpress is an amazing tool for developing blogs and websites too. It uses multiple theme that is the design files for the website. The whole content is placed in particular place which indicates users can fasten on new designs without influencing the content one have created. The

40 Gorgeous Fashion Sketches before finalize design

A brief but complete set of the Gorgeous Fashion Sketches before finalize design is given to you in this elite piece of writing in which I have added 40 good looking fashion sketches of all time. Utilize these fashion drawings with full confidence in order to make

Interestingly grab your Facebook Page images to your own Website

As a matter of fact, the use of the various sorts of social Media sites by the people of every region of the globe is going to be increased at every moment passing and when you check all of these social Media webs, you will come to

How-to communicate between HTML select boxes

How one can communicate between HTML select boxes through PairSelect PairSelect.js is a jquery plugin to linkup two HTML selectboxes. One just need to imagine there are two different select in a page and what one will want is, after choosing some items, through selectbox 1, if user

Learn How-to Create a Flappy Bird Game Design using Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will learn how-to Design a Flappy bird game design interface.We will learn all the importent techniques of game designing and graphic designing.

Useful jQuery CSS3 Effects an skillful effort for Web Developers

Web development is the demand of the day and these are the jQuery CSS3 Effects that can be used in every web development task at the present time. They are useful and great in nature that covers all the modish web developer requirements. Due to enhancement in the

15 Ultimate JavaScript Tools for enhancing Development Skills

A JavaScript library is a library of already written JavaScript that permits users for simpler development of applications consists upon JavaScript, specifically for AJAX and related web-centric technologies. The initial use of JavaScript is to write functions that are entrenched in or integrated from HTML pages and