VR Casinos A Solution to Gambling Addiction

VR casinos are now the trend in the world of online casino games. As a result, there is a lot that is being made to make sure that players get the best out of the VR gambling experience at the best casinos online. In all that is being done, there are also a few studies that are being carried to see virtual reality casinos are the solution to gambling addiction.

VR Gambling Therapy

Players who face troubles with gambling addiction might want to take a trip to visit Stephane Bouchard from the Universite du Quebec, in Canada. It is here where these players have a chance to recover from their addictions.

Bouchard has been studying VR for over 2 decades and has managed to develop a virtual reality program to help gamblers who face addiction. So far, he and his team have been very successful as they have recorded a 60% success rate.


How does Therapy work?

The treatment is based on the principles of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This is a form of action based psychotherapy. With the use of VR, the therapist will be able to access the gamblers emotions and thought patterns without them having to go to the casino.

However, before the therapy begins, the therapist will have to sit down with the gambler and discuss what causes them to have the gambling urge. From then, they will be able to get into the treatment process.

There are some patients who are not aware of what triggers their gambling urges, that is where VR comes in. According to casinous the patient will be required to wear the goggles and enter into the world of virtual gambling. As they do so, their therapist will also enter the virtual world and monitor their patient. As they do, they will be able to see what urges the patient to gamble. Upon doing so, they will then be able to discuss these urges and what can be done to curb them.