Popular Mobile Games 2018

We love our smartphones and have come to rely on them for almost everything. From browsing the web for goods and services, banking, viewing Netflix and YouTube and for the more adventurous of us, even managing a website is all possible with the portable computer small enough to slip into your pocket.

We also love to use our mobile devices for playing a game or two either to relax or conversely, to get worked up on one of your favourite plays. Today, even the mid-range devices can handle titles that are ‘console quality’ and below are some of the best.

Can you Conquer Casino Games? – Millions of gamers will play their favourite casino games with just their smart-phone. Some of the most popular games like, slots, roulette, poker & black-jack can be played without actually depositing real-money. This is still once of the biggest niches in gaming today.

Alto’s Adventure was launched there years ago and what highly successful. Now we can enjoy alto’s Odyssey is set to be as successful as its predecessor with its minimalist graphics, addictive gameplay and soothing music to compliment.

In need of some fun and laughter? Download South Park: Phone Destroyer will be just the tonic. Welcome to those irreverent antics of the incredibly ‘not for the children’ cartoon characters that make up the populous of South Park.


We all love a superhero and whether that is on the big screen via the latest Hollywood blockbuster or as a game on your mobile device, comic book superheroes are cool, and DC’s Injustice 2 is one of the best you could try. Guaranteed to have your phone’s hardware working overtime with console-level graphics this game is sure to tick all your hero boxes. If you are more into Marvel Superheroes then think about trying Contest of Champions which is very similar to play.

Battle Royale shooters are incredibly popular these days, along with those coveted loot boxes, so it really isn’t so very surprising that games would transfer over to the smaller screen, and boy there are some blatant rip-offs. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has an official version although in some quarters its cross-platform play has been labelled as ‘confusing.’ Its biggest rival is Epic’s Fortnite, but up until now has been only available for IOS.

Set in the Warcraft universe, Blizzard’s Hearthstone works really well as a collectable card video game and is well worth your time. Giving real-world physical CCG’s like Magic the Gathering a good run for its money this lush game is a treat for your eyes.

Proving that you really do not need higher-end, photo-realistic graphics to have a top game, AdventureQuest 3D is based on the browser-based game and gets regular updates together with new features proving that sometimes all you do need are friends and a whole lot of humour.