How You Can Really Enhance Your Customer Service Processes as a Business


The company that wants to grow has to take care of its customers; now more than ever, customers want to have a personal connection and feel they are appreciated. Please one customer, and you have someone who recommends you to family, neighbours, and friends. Annoy one, however, and quite the opposite is likely to happen. Customers expect great service.

Whilst global competition and innovative technology allow (even force) companies to constantly seek ways to cut costs, there should always be the focus on the essentials – and customer service is one of those crucial activities. Here’s how you can really enhance your customer service as a business.

Train your staff

Your staff, especially those on your help desk, are the key to your productivity – it is your staff that deals with the customers, and it is them who are given the opportunity to win the consumer’s heart. It’s not that hard, actually; if you’re selling shampoo, make sure your employee likes great-looking hair. Train them to handle the issues your clientele is dealing with. Make sure they understand the importance of their job.

Understand your clientele

You might receive different calls or be asked about different issues, and understanding how your customer base acts or feels will be a great help. If you’re a software company and your client’s system has just broken down, they may feel stressed. If you are a healthcare company, your clients may be emotional. Understanding how your client feels about certain issues will help you deal with them in a much more progressive manner.


CRM software

There are many software packages on the market that allow you to collect important information about your customers, as well as help you deal with them in an organized manner. Understanding what particular product they have, what they like or dislike, or finding out background information regarding similar issues can help a lot. CRM software, as well as the right software, helps you organize and deal with tickets in a very efficient manner. For more information, you can visit EngageBay’s CRM software tool designed for this purpose.

Be proactive

Deal with the issues before they happen – or at least before the client is aware of it. By being proactive, you not only avoid problems, you also show that you can be relied upon when things do go wrong.

Once there is a solution to a problem – once a complaint or issue has been resolved – it’s important to follow up; that one particular issue could very well be just a symptom of a larger problem. Not only will following up give you more information regarding the issue, it will also let your customer know that you care, and it gives you an opportunity for feedback; for example, through an exit survey. Open communication with your customers is an essential part of any business and requires focus and attention.