Your smartphone is your personal communication hub, keeping you in contact with your friends and loved ones. The problem is that you’ll struggle to use your phone as often as you want if you can’t keep it charged. Here are four tips for extending your Android phone’s battery life.

Tips for Extending Your Android Phone’s Battery

Less Brightness Is Better

This is a basic step that a surprising number of users overlook. Since most people use bright display settings to view their phone more clearly, they drain resources more quickly. There’s an easy fix for this. Disable the auto-brightness functionality on your phone. You’ll discover that you don’t even miss the additional brightness most of the time.

Don’t Use Wallpaper

Along these lines, change two additional settings on your phone. The first is to disable the wallpaper for your phone, especially if it’s a bright image. Using wallpaper images requires more energy, and that isn’t a feature you need. Most of the time you use your phone, you won’t be on the home screen. Even when you are, you’re likely to search for an app rather than look at it. Similarly, most of the time when your phone is in sleep mode, you’re not looking at the device. There’s no need to waste power on a wallpaper image.


Bet on Black

If you do prefer to use background wallpaper or similar functionality on your powerful LG G Flex 2, choose a black setting. Darker colors require less battery power. That means every time you see a brighter image, you’re draining your resources faster. In 2013, Wired Magazine tested to confirm that darker settings can save as much as three hours of battery life. While your cellphone battery is much stronger today than it was in 2013, the difference is significant enough that you should always default to black when possible.

Double Down on Battery Life

Due to the ubiquity of smartphones, you’ll find tons of cellphone accessories that enhance the duration of your charge. Companies like Mophie employ energy solutions that constantly charge your phone while you use it. The Juice Pack is a battery that doubles as a phone case. You stick your smartphone inside, and the case provides the phone with power. The case also uses a different adapter than the standard Android one, which charges it more quickly.

A different solution is a backup battery. Portable external options are great for increasing your battery life. You can even choose whether you prioritize energy or weight. Lipstick-sized devices are capable of holding the equivalent of almost a full charge for Android phones. Large batteries can hold as many as 20,000 milliamp hours (mAh), the equivalent of six full charges.

Turn Off the Radio

Even in the digital era, you still use radio every day. Your phone uses the radio to obtain a Wi-Fi signal, and other parts of your cellphone utilize it as well. You don’t need the radio running in the background when you’re not using your phone, though. Alter your settings to turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth until you need them.

Your smartphone only works when it has power. Follow the suggestions above to maximize the amount of time you can use it each day.