The life of a designer is not always easy. Sometimes customers do only because they want to create something new and projects have to do for the project. Each part can be difficult to get their projects. However, it is not impossible. It just takes a little planning and work. Here you can promote a design project of 10 easy (and mostly free) ways. (In addition, all the design files are examples.)

Sharing media of the easiest ways to show your business biridir.catch may not know is how many people have seen.

Promote your Products worldwide for Maximum ROI

Promote your Products worldwide for Maximum ROI

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In addition, multiple social media networks for sharing sign. (Alternatively, there is nothing to be ashamed of asking for retweets or shares.)

But how do you know which network to use? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Start with a large network. After sitting on Interest consider sharing or LinkedIn. Show your work has to describe in words and images are to use the network.

Share portfolio of sites: While most of us already have a portfolio, share, and this Dribble and presence on sites like Enhance is an update is important. Designers often these sites. So they are looking for new talent to clients.

They are not of a confidential nature. Record active projects and ask for feedback. More here, to get your business on these sites, you can use the built-in sharing tools.

Ask influence to share: Sometimes a little help when it comes to promoting a new job ask zorunda.tas Start with other friends in the community. As project work or ask them to share.

Then branch. To share your projects online, some people are not affecting you. (What is the worst that can be said… right?)  Third parties may be able to get a little boost of your own can help you get your business to a wider audience.


Email Design Blogs

Email Design Blogs

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Step 1: Write a press release.

Step 2: Each block design that you can think or send magazines.

If you want your business noticed, I have to say about this industry. It is a simple way to make a press statement. (Here are some tips on how to write a great release.)

This is a way to contact, and be sure to add an image of your business. (In addition, yes, a lab-quality photos or high-resolution digital images should be.)

Then, if the design is calling, be prepared to discuss the project. Why was it created? Idea where it came from? How did you do? How do you want to achieve with this work?


While many of the tips on promotion so far have been online- based solutions, it is important to really get up, get out of the house and meet people. Networking is one of the single most effective tools you have when it comes to self-promotion.

Go to events near where you live and networking. Bring plenty of business cards and be ready to show and discuss their work with strangers. Attend design meetings in your area. (Many of the big design groups sponsor. Adobe, Behance and dribbble meetups, for example, held regularly in cities around the world.)

Interact with others in the design community is a great promotional tool. Even if you are shy, go out to a meeting and make a point of talking to one person.

Create a Blog

Make yourself useful and helpful. Create a blog related to their work. Write the process of creating or even tutorials on how to do certain things. This will help you become an authority in his field, while showing your work.

This is not quite ready to start on your own? If you have a flair for writing or video, do some work on the side of a reputable blog design? (Designmodo, for example hires designers who can post to this blog.)